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  • Family Law Investigations
  • Insurance Defense Investigations
  • Asset Searches
  • Background Investigations
  • Domestic Investigations
  • Expert Witness
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems
  • Missing Persons
  • Pre Employment
  • Process Services
  • Record Searches
  • Skip Traces
  • Surveillance
  • Undercover Operatives
  • Workers Compensation
  • Bug Sweeps
  • Non-competes
  • Security
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Internal
  • Residential and Commercial Construction sites
  • Activity Verification
  • Family/Domestic
  • Fidelity/Cheating Spouses/Significant Other
  • Divorce/Supervised Visitation
  • Child Custody
  • Home Surveillance
  • Insurance Claims
  • Workers Compensation
  • Long term disability
  • Compensation Cases
  • Personal Injury
  • Corporate
  • Workplace
  • Commercial Business
  • Employee
  • Executive Protection/Licensed Armed Security Guard

Accident Investigations

A properly conducted accident investigation will provide important, detailed information about the accident scene and all vehicles involved in the accident. Our investigators will obtain agency reports and any news stories which are generated as a result of the accident. Our team will determine what witnesses to the accident may recall and identify whether or not the parties in the matter have been involved in an inordinate amount of civil and/or criminal cases.

Our investigators can conduct Accident Investigations on behalf of major automobile manufacturers, litigation defense firms and insurance companies. Our experience and training aids us in conducting thorough investigations in a timely manner. Our investigator takes pride in producing a detailed, professional report.

Accident Investigation Reports

Our comprehensive Accident Investigation Report includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Certified copy of the accident report
  • Accident scene description
  • Autopsy report
  • Photographs of the accident scene
  • Media coverage
  • Vehicle title history
  • Witness statements
  • Background investigation – plaintiff and/or defendant
  • Photographs of the vehicle
  • Personal Interviews


You can be certain that your surveillance cases will be handled in a confidential and professional manner by experienced private investigators at OnSite Private Investigations. Our investigators conduct discreet surveillance in order to reveal the truth of a situation. You can be confident that our determination, diligence and attention to detail will expose what you need to know.

Our investigators are also aware of the sensitive legal issues regarding surveillance and will ensure that the use of the obtained information in court cases is not put at risk.
We know that personal and family investigation cases are extremely sensitive, and often times very emotional. We recognize that it is a big step to call a private investigator in matters such as these, which is why we handle every matter with utmost care and discretion. Utilizing various investigative procedures and modern technology, we are able to obtain answers to many of the questions you may have regarding a spouse, boy/girlfriend, friend, or family member.

In the field of insurance fraud, we are able to expose the many creative methods that a claimant may use for sole intent of defrauding an insurance company out of a large amount of money. Our job and goal every day is to do everything possible within an investigative capacity to ensure that this does not happen to our insurance clients. Persons of Interest in Property Loss Claims: A claimant may file a false claim in connection with services that were never actually rendered. Witness Locate and Interviews: Witness testimony can be a critical component in many insurance fraud cases.

In the United States, an estimated $25 billion plus is lost each year through insurance fraud, and although most companies have systems in place to mitigate these types of losses, certain methods are simply not effective.

Effective, lawfully conducted corporate investigations can provide crucial information, clarity and peace of mind to you, the company decision maker, in a variety of business situations. Every company should be viewed as a complex business machine and therefore, monitoring the activities of each employee and every aspect of your business is a challenging yet necessary and ongoing responsibility

Employee/Manager/Executive Level Background Investigations: Should be conducted for the purposes of verifying that a potential new hire has the qualifications, credentials, etc. This is particularly important when vetting high level executives, as these key personnel are often engaged to make critical financial decisions for your company, interface with your clients and potentially represent your company in a public relations capacity.

Legal action: An asset investigation can and should be conducted post-judgment, for the purposes of bringing clarity to a person or company’s legitimate ability to satisfy the financial judgment that has been rendered against them.

Due diligence: Before YOU or YOUR company make the move to acquiring, merging and/or investing with another company, it is critical to establish the validity of the assets and the level of solvency for which the company is claiming. It is necessary to conduct research of the appropriate jurisdictional criminal and civil litigation records of all potential partners.

Theft, Fraud or Embezzlement: Employees that are entrusted with fiduciary responsibilities have been proven to create innovative methods to conceal transferring funds from company accounts, or establish fraudulent 3rd party/contractor relationships at the expense of the employer.

All assignments are handled in a confidential and discreet manner by the highly skilled and experienced private investigators at OnSite Private Investigations. We understand the need for investigation in order to reveal the truth of a situation. You can be confident that our determination, diligence and attention to detail will reveal what you need to know. We can handle some of the most difficult types of surveillance in any city or region of Oklahoma.

Background Checks

Want to track down a long-lost friend, or screen a potential date or employee?

Need employment results, current job title, whether or not they’re looking for a job?

We can help get you the answers you’re looking for.

  • Hourly and Flat Rate Packages
  • Video Documentation, transfer to DVD
  • Professional Investigative Reports with Inserted Pictures
  • Licensed, Insured and Bonded
  • Reasonable Rates

Is your spouse/lover:

  • Taking suspicious business trips?
  • Unknown text messages or phone calls?
  • Deleting all incoming phone calls from the caller ID?
  • Joining a gym and beginning a rigorous workout program?
  • Sudden loss in weight?
  • Different grooming habits?
  • Atypical erratic behavior?

Child Custody

  • Would you like to know what your ex-partner does alone or with your children when you’re not around?
  • Is the person working another job or off the books?